About Me

Who Am I?

Hi, Sandeep Kumar here; your personal SEO consultant. I am a fan of web and digital world. I studied Computer Science Engineering. I started learning about SEO in my 1st year of college by using 2G network and Created my first website in 2012.

Since then, I have made referencing my priority. So I worked in this direction to promote my website and give it the necessary visibility on search engines.

To achieve this, I had to go through a lot of self education. I followed the trends in natural referencing. I read a lot of blogs whose advice and recommendations that I tested later.

It is through this journey that I have gained a lot of knowledge. Moreover, on my sites and on those of my clients, I only implement what I myself have experienced and approved. Because natural referencing is constantly evolving, I continue to train and strengthen my skills by learning from the best SEO Experts.

With a passion, natural referencing has become my profession. Today, I work and bring my expertise and experience as an SEO Expert to business leaders on a daily basis. I will now explain to you what my job as a consultant in natural referencing is in practice.

What is MY Job?

As an SEO consultant, I am an expert in web marketing. My job is essentially to make sure that your website is well referenced and therefore well positioned on search engines’ results. Indeed, for your website to record large traffic and a growing audience, it depends in large part on the quality of its referencing with Google.

Ahead of this positioning, I carry out a real work of substance and analysis. From auditing the site to listing keywords, analyzing compromising factors, identifying targets and competitors, I explore all the details essential to your website’s proper positioning.

The world of natural referencing is constantly evolving. The new developments of recent years are proof of this. Google’s algorithms do a real ant job and sift through everything. As a consultant, I have to do a job of monitoring, following the evolution of your website, knowing that keywords evolve with the news’s rhythm.

As an SEO expert, the scope of my skills is quite broad. My work ends with an evaluation of the return on investment. So my goal is to make you visible on Google and other search engines like Bing or Duckduckgo.

As an SEO referencer, I am also called upon to intervene when a site is penalized. In that case, I am asked to understand what happened and propose solutions to lift the penalty. A website can be penalized for several reasons, and the actions to be carried out can be very varied.